Wednesday, September 11, 2013

open house show and sale, Sept. 21 & 22!

If I were a really good blogger, I would've been diligently sharing photos over the last few weeks... of the piles of fabric, and of how it looked when I was frantically scrambling around my living room on my hands and knees with a big sponge, racing the clock to adhere a wallpaper sample to a board that covered the whole floor, of the different pillows as I completed them, or scraggy "before" photos of the furniture alongside the finished pieces all sanded, polished and recovered... but I didn't do any of that.  I've been too caught up in the process of getting ready for the show to stop and record it all.  Today I'm going to my mom's house to make quadruple batches of 3 kinds of cookie dough, which we'll freeze and then be baking at the end of next week to serve at the show!  (shortbread, pecan cookies, and chewy ginger cookies with crystallized ginger!) If I'm really good, maybe I will take and share some sneak preview pictures in the next 10 days.  Otherwise, please come to the show if you can, to see it all in real life!!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


There are only 18 days until the show.  I'm really tired... making this thing happen has been the biggest project challenge I've tackled yet.  I've had a few meltdowns and temper tantrums and fits of despair.  But overall, I am so, so excited!  
The September C'Ville Abode is out, and my wallpaper (lower left corner) made it in!  This is one of six designs that will be on display at the show.  Now I have to eat my dinner, and then I'm going to listen to Harry Potter audio recordings and stay up all night making lavender sachets!  Yippee!