Tuesday, June 3, 2014

pleasing things

 Every single picture is blurry... I accidentally threw my digital camera in the washing machine with my laundry, and I have yet to develop a steady hand with my phone camera.  Even though life is never about 'things', the things are usually indispensable in fostering what life is about.  These are some things that give my heart fluttery wings.  A new block of paper is a beautiful thing, full of the promise of paintings to come (and the orange and black and white are a sight for sore eyes if you ask me).
 While at the Goodwill with my Mimi I lost it a little bit and decided it was a great idea to buy this silver clam shell and these little golden clogs.  I filled the shell with water, and have been playing with them in a five year old's state of mind. The water is soothing, the little clogs clink together in a satisfying way, and it's really refreshing to empathize with the little lady who left her shoes behind and stepped right in for an adventure.  I need to know:  Why don't older people do stuff like this more often?

I don't think a person can ever have too much terracotta in their life.  Or twine.  These are from the outstanding Faulconer's hardware, and I got a lot of satisfaction transplanting a few things I'd been putting off for too long.
And this is the most magnificent parachute of seeds from some kind of weed I found in the corner of the yard and have yet to research. It's about six times bigger than a dandelion, and on the windowsill above the kitchen sink, it serves as a good reminder to make big wishes!

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