Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Country Living Fair

We had so much fun!  Imagine, a little section of woods in Stone Mountain Park was filled with shops sprinkled in between tall pines, lining curving dirt paths.  We wended our way over the paths - rusty orange pine needles all over the ground, smelling good and making the woods feel cozy... and I went into a trance walking from one delight to the next... antique boxes, nightgowns, slips, tablecloths, pillows, wildly upholstered chairs, old plates, tea towels, alarm clocks, coffee grinders, paintings... I just wish I'd been wearing a snow suit Saturday morning because it was a lot colder than I expected.  Sunday morning, I pitched my product.  My voice probably sounded like Mickey Mouse in fast-forward, but it was fun and the judges were kind and receptive.  I won't find out whether or not I'll make it into the magazine for a couple months, but I'm happy either way.
This chocolate Buddha sitting on my knee is from Matthew's Chocolate Shop in Hillsboro, NC.  We stopped along the way - just by accident - and are already looking forward to going back on purpose, as soon as we can.  It is a magical, old-fashioned shop - tiny, with a glass case of chocolates and a velvet curtain tied back behind the counter.  The chocolates are not just beautiful - they taste very, very good.

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