Monday, December 5, 2011

for the birds

I saw the sun rise on Saturday morning before the Christmas market in town.  I stayed up way too late on Friday night trying to put the finishing touches on my wares, but even exhaustion couldn't curb my enthusiasm. Here is a picture of my little 'booth' at the market in the early morning light.  Wearing long johns under my  jeans, wool socks, two shirts, two sweaters, a vest and gloves, I manned my space for six hours.  My eyes were puffy and my nose was bright red... and my hairdo wasn't too attractive either, I realized after the whole day had gone by, but I had a really good time talking to market-goers and other vendors in the refreshing winter air, and I made lots of sales!!
Today I found this porcelain heart bowl at the Goodwill for 49 cents.  I filled it up with seeds and put it on the table outside the window next to my work space in hopes that it will lure some hungry birds for me to spy on!

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  1. Hi Maria,
    Just wanted to let you know I did a post about you on my blog today! I really enjoyed meeting you at the farmers market Saturday! I hope to see you there again sometime. I probably won't be back till after the first of the year, but you never know! Here is a link to the post.