Wednesday, June 13, 2012

the polyphemus moth

photo by Dan Mackinnon 
I saw my first polyphemus moth the night before last.  Something fluttering around the window above my desk caught my eye.  I realized it was a BIG moth with gorgeous eye spots.  I went outside to have a better look so that I was able to identify it.  Isn't it beautiful!?!  I can't stop myself from wishing I could have one as a pet... but I switched off all the lights and went to bed so that the moth could get on with its life.  Polyphemus moths look like dead leaves when their wings are folded up, which is how they camouflage and protect themselves while they rest during the day.  And their wingspan?  Over five inches!  

I have really enjoyed my time here in Madison living surrounded by the forest.  There's usually a chorus of monkey-voiced barred owls each evening as dusk is settling, I hear hawks whistling overhead all throughout the day, I had my regular visits from the red bellied woodpecker, the beautiful little moths that I'd find settled all over my door in the mornings, and now, the breathtaking polyphemus moth.  I'd have missed all of these things had I not been in such close proximity to the forest.  But on July 1, I'm moving!  I'm moving into a beautiful old house in the town of Orange.  The house has been divided into apartments, and I will be in Apt. 2 on the second floor, with hardwood floors and enormous old windows that overlook the large, lovely yard with trees that are well over a hundred years old, and a beehive (which the landlord's brother takes care of, but I'm planning on asking him if I can help).  When you're visiting this old house, you become completely unaware of being in town in 2012.  It's very serene, enveloped by a peace and timelessness.  I'm really looking forward to setting up my home studio there, and will be posting lots of pictures as I settle in and decorate.  Until then, I toss and turn in bed at night thinking of exactly how I want to re-cover the old couch I bought from the junk shop last weekend (which is sitting in my parents' barn, waiting for me to fix it up), and where exactly I will position my desk for the greatest flow of inspiration.  I've also bought a wonderful old oak table, and am waiting for a package in the mail, which will contain my new phone.  
Vintage Rotary Dial Telephone Black Western Electric Phone
Yes, this is the very phone I am expecting to arrive this week.  When I move, I'll be getting rid of my cell phone and switching over to a land line.  Yippee!

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