Tuesday, May 14, 2013

chronology in old pictures

 I accidentally left my camera at my parents' house, so I decided rather than not writing at all,  that maybe I could dredge up some old pictures from my hodgepodge computer archive.  This is a picture from the Charles Bridge in Prague on the morning of my 25th birthday.  I stayed up all night with friends the night before and our last hurrah was to wait for the sun to rise.
This was the sky over Dalkey on one of my last evenings there.

These pictures are of sweet little Lucy.  I baby-sat her and her brother when I lived in Fredericksburg and I was so lucky that during the time we were together I got to witness her transition into becoming steady on her feet.  

This was the first watercolor I did in Italy, which is where I was when my fabric pattern making idea really began brewing.
France in May two years ago where I got to be a full time painter and reveler.
And home - where wonderful things always begin and end and begin again.

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