Saturday, January 4, 2014

heaven...I'm in heaven

Nope, I'm not dancing cheek to cheek with anyone, but I'm feeling completely in love with winter!
This morning I met my mom at Food Lion around 7:30.  It was fifteen degrees.  I kept my woolly headband on, and shopped while I was still drinking my coffee in my mug from home.  The people that work at the Orange Food Lion are so nice.  I really do enjoy seeing them.  Then I came home, rich with groceries, and set out again on my bike for the post office.  The people that work at our post office are so nice. too.  I want to hug them every single time!  Then I rode to the florist to get some sprigs of eucalyptus.... and it was on my way home, with half-frozen jelly legs, un-feelable fingers and my heart pounding me up the hill that "Dancing Cheek to Cheek" came clamoring happily into my mind.  (This is the tune that typically plays in my head when a big surge of happiness comes over me out of nowhere). I can't justify it or say exactly what is wrong with me, maybe I have some kind of Pollyanna sickness, but I absolutely love winter, and riding my bike in Orange on a fifteen degree morning is heavenly!

I think eucalyptus is pretty heavenly, too.  I highly recommend getting some for your house.  Here's what I got this morning:

If you don't like the cold and you need something to warm your heart, here ya go!

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