Wednesday, January 4, 2012

a lavender patch

halfway through preparing the pots
 For a few years now, I've been wanting a lavender patch.  A big one.  Not a whole field (maybe someday!) but a good twenty plants.  Imagine all the wonderful things that surround a lavender patch... bees and butterflies, little purple springs to tie on presents or put in a vase on your nightstand, and then, one of the best things I think: drying it and making sachets!  My mom has five or six old plants that grow like a hedge around one of her flowerbeds.  Every summer, we get at least two big aluminum mixing bowls of dried lavender just from those few bushes.  Imagine all that could come from twenty mature plants!  I've been putting off my own lavender patch, thinking the spring would finally arrive when I would be living somewhere I knew I'd be staying for years on end.  But since I'm still not sure when that time is going to come, I've decided to go ahead with the lavender patch now.  I'll plant it on my parents' farm and still be able to enjoy it... and then when I finally have found my home, I can plant another lavender patch... the more lavender patches, the merrier!  I'm starting the seeds in my windowsill and so long as they germinate and take off, will transfer the baby plants into the ground this spring.  Here's hoping!
lavender seeds

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  1. I planted 6 lavendar plants fall before last, and they are doing beautifully!! I love them! I haven't tried starting my own, but I hear it is not hard. One tip I was given, instead of mulching around the plants, use pea gravel, they like it better when water doesn't hang around. Hope it all goes well for you!