Tuesday, July 31, 2012

beet salad lunch

 I had this lunch on my balcony today!  I recommend it - easy to make, and satisfying, too.

boil beets until they're tender while you're doing other things.
after they've cooled, peel them and cut them up into bite-sized chunks.
put a handful of walnuts into a skillet.  once they seem decently toasted (they start smelling like popcorn), pour a couple tablespoons of maple syrup over them and stir until they're all coated, then set aside to cool.
fill your bowl with whatever greens you like best.
put beets on top, with crumbled goat cheese and the candied walnuts.
i made a dressing to taste by whisking together balsamic vinegar, olive oil,  maple syrup and 
a pinch of sea salt.

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  1. Hi Maria, I just got back from my trip to England where they call it 'beetroot'... one of my very favorites! Pickled, roasted, shredded in a salad, it's the closest taste to the earth that I know. bon apetit'!