Saturday, September 22, 2012

harvesting honey

One of my long-standing dreams came true this afternoon!  In my own (rented) yard, there is a bee hive.  I noticed it on my first visit to this house, and it was one of the features that made me extra-determined to live here.  From the moment I spotted the hive nestled in the bushes on the perimeter of the lawn, I started formulating a secret fantasy, that not only would I HAVE to live here, but that I would get some training in beekeeping.  Today was the day.  Hunter (one of the three siblings who own this house, which had belonged to their grandparents) is the beekeeper, and he knocked on my door around lunchtime to see if I wanted to be a witness to the cracking open of the hive.  Of course I said yes, and I felt the wonderful kind of excitement I used to feel when my dad would ask me when I was little if I wanted to go with him to help a calf being born.  I loved every minute of it... donning the veil and gloves, smelling the burlap burning in the smoker, the vibrant, humming cloud of bees.  It was all a fascinating process, especially for the senses.  Just being near the energy of so many bees electrifies you somehow... I'd say it was better than a spa treatment... and I'd wager that it definitely has a beneficial impact on your well-being.  I made lots of observations and mental notes that will be helpful when I have my own hive (a little bit later in life).  Now I'm just hoping Hunter will invite me to help get the honey out of the combs early next week!

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