Tuesday, September 18, 2012

rainy day

my little pelican salt and pepper shakers ... maybe they're daydreaming about flying over the ocean together in the rain!
 I love rainy days... and I'm having an especially good one here in my new house.  From my workshop window, high up on the second floor, I can see the trains passing - passenger ones are the best because you can see people's profiles trundling by, illuminated by the cabin lights that look all yellowy and warm and cozy against the rain.  I can hear the rain drops splattering down on the tin roof, and since the leaves are still plentiful, and it's not too cold outside so my windows are open, the sound of the wind swishing through the trees fills up my whole room, where I'm hunkered down getting things ready for the booths I'll have at the Shabby Love Barn Sale and the Dolley Madison Quilter's Guild annual quilt show.  I'm hoping to sell most of my existing inventory to make way for my new ideas.  It's inspiring in the midst of this steady rain, fresh wet air sweeping over the wood floors, slippers, a puddle of lamplight on the work table, a cup of hot tea... mmm!!

If anyone is interested, the Barn Sale is September 28 - 29 at 130 East Church Street in Orange 8a - 5p

And the Quilt Show is October 6 -7 (10a - 5p on Sat; 11a - 4p on Sun) at Prospect Heights Middle School in Orange

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