Tuesday, October 30, 2012

after the storm

my old, non-working barometer
 I'm grateful to be able to say that I didn't suffer any negative consequences from the hurricane.  My houseplants and I woke up to a cozy home with foggy windows, and outside the kind of thick white cloud cover that makes for lovely soft daylight.

 There is just one minor thing.   The ceiling in my bedroom/studio has a terrible leak.  It dripped languorously throughout the night, and then around 10 this morning, the drip turned into a frantic, steady stream.  Thankfully it's stopped now, but the ceiling plaster is cracked and bowing, and my landlord came up to have a look.  He says he is going to have to cut a big hole in the ceiling to make the repairs.  This is going to be an interesting event - coinciding with my preparations for Christmas orders.  I may have to uproot my whole studio and temporarily transplant.  But I've already decided to make it as fun and fluid as possible.  I wish it could be otherwise, but things could be far, far worse.  So I may as well see it as an adventure, and go with the flow!
my leak-collecting pots!


  1. What a bummer!! Glad you fared well otherwise! We didn't even lose our power, I was so glad! Hope the fix is a quick and easy one!

  2. I really like the barometer picture :)