Thursday, December 13, 2012

'tis the season

I love the deep of winter, and think of Christmas as being its gateway.  A season of reflection... to re-calibrate your mind on principles of love, faith, generosity and positive energy.  The trees show their bare architecture, the frill of grass and bushes and ground cover die back to reveal the raw contours of  the land, and  the cold and dark allow you the space to get right to the essence of your heart and mind.  It's an ideal setting for savoring your thoughts and feelings, and shaping and nurturing plans based on them.  And then of course one of the most beautiful and simple pleasures of the winter is citrus.  I'm still enchanted by winter oranges, and think that a box of Florida oranges and grapefruits are one of the best Christmas presents you could ever get. 
And clementines are especially magical.  You can carry them in your pocket, they are quick and un-messy to eat, their smell is exquisitely uplifting, and when you get a good one, they are powerfully flavorful and juicy.  Plus, I'm definitely in the camp of people who believe that vitamin C can have miraculous effects on the human body.

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