Tuesday, April 16, 2013

blooming galore

 I think indoor-working people should be required to take off at least a full week from work in the spring.  They should be required to open up all the windows in their houses, sleep with them open, eat on their porches for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and spend at least 3 hours per day outside, reveling like silly, love-sick, amateur poets at all the color and scent.  The heat has already ended daffodil season, and the leaves of blooming trees are already pushing out to replace the blossoms... next thunderstorm, all the petals will blow off like confetti and start decomposing beneath the trees... tender new green will darken and steel itself for the summer sun.  It all transpires so quickly...

And look how much little Louis has grown!  He likes to greet people with wild somersaults and something that looks like break dancing...  and he is fulfilling his spring appreciation requirements with panache... tormenting kittens and chicks, and weirdly taking bites of the new leaves on my mom's rose bushes before galloping off to roll in the grass.

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