Monday, August 13, 2012

I had SUCH a good time at the Food Festival in Orange!  I met so many new nice people, saw and hugged lots of friends and family - including both grandmas, one grandpa, and my former kindergarten, second and fifth grade teachers, and the weather was beautiful, even if it was a teeny bit hot.  I had so much to be grateful for, especially the wonderful people who let me borrow their tent ;) and my mom, who went above and beyond in helping me get things ready, and then make it through the day.  She made the gorgeous flower arrangements and my booth would've looked terrible without them.  I especially like the basket arrangement she made with herbs from her garden, and even a few cherry tomatoes (you'll see in the last few pictures).  There were so many people, that I never really got to leave my booth the way I'd hoped... but at the very end, I did taste a delicious lager from Devil's Backbone Brewery, bought a jar of linden tree honey, and ate a homemade chocolate-banana-walnut popsicle from Charlottesville.  All day long, people were coming to look at my booth while eating these exquisite looking popscicles in wonderful flavors like watermelon.  Apparently the popscicle makers had to make 3 trips back to Charlottesville to stock back up!  Thank you to everyone who attended and supported the festival and made it such a lovely event!

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  1. Oh Maria I love that apron! Somehow I missed that when we visited your booth! I thought your booth was great, it was like seeing spring in a wooded meadow. You had so many great things, I hope you had a good sales day! It was great seeing you again, one of these days we're going to have to get together again!