Monday, January 14, 2013


The amaryllis bulb my mom gave me days before Christmas is finally blooming.  What a lovely surprise to find first thing on a gray winter morning.  

I've been painting and have made up a new note card set.  Some people might be deterred by the inclusion of a skunk, but I really like skunks.  Not only are they attractive in black and white, but I like the way they waddle around, are nearsighted, and are almost like little bears.  I remember being envious when I was younger and my mom told me that one of her good childhood friends had had a pet skunk.  Actually, I'm still kind of envious!  But it is illegal to have pet skunks in the state of Virginia.  I saw a group of baby skunks last spring, on the outskirts of a field.  Their little heads had wispy puffs of white hair and they barely made their way through the tall grass.  If you ever need cheering up, you might like watching a couple youtube videos of skunks.  Apparently nursing cats are happy to adopt baby skunks and let them nurse right alongside their own kittens.  And kittens and baby skunks have been known to play wrestle with gusto! 

notecard set with owl butterfly, peregrine falcon, skunk, hen & chicks, a bright pink wild rose, and a stick of sycamore with lichen


  1. I really like the peregrine and the skunk. Always hoped to see a spotted skunk at Shenandoah, but they are elusive.

  2. i think the skunk is very cute! the lichen is beautiful as well. oh heck, it's all beautiful! i got a package of watercolor notecards with your designs on them, they listed your blogspot address. just lovely lovely work! cheers.