Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sensory Rooms

One of my favorite blogs is Franciska Beautiful World.  Her posts are frequent, and filled with beautiful pictures and ideas.  And she often has contests!  Right now she is working on putting together a collection of inspiring rooms in Norway and worldwide.  Any bloggers can enter the contest by submitting photos of their rooms.  I think it's a lovely idea, and so fun to peek in on other can look right into homes all over the world... while sipping tea in wool socks at your own home.  I decided to enter, just for fun.  I'm no good at taking pictures, but what the heck - I'm excited to be putting my workroom/bedroom back together after the big ordeal of the leak, so I took a few pictures of the organization I've managed so far.  I didn't move to the apartment across the hall after all.  I waited, and the repairs here are finally complete.  So far the roof is holding tight.  Last night in the windy deluge, all the rain stayed outside.
Staying in my current apartment, I didn't have to give up blue walls.  The walls across the hall are plain cream.
I've put my bed right beside the window because it feels right.  Shouldn't a person be able to look out  at the light and the birds and the tree branches while waking up?  And I guess everybody who reads this blog recognizes my turkey feather pillow and my great-great grandmother's bed cover set that I've been using as curtains!

It's really nice having a mantel and fireplace in the room.
 Here is the old library table my grandparents are letting me borrow as they have moved and are looking for a new house.  So I get to use this wonderful table in the meantime.  The top is soft and worn, and I've found that when I sit there barefooted, my arches fit just right into curves in the woodwork along the bottom.

Thank you to Daniel for the best alpaca blanket... even on the coldest, draftiest night this blanket keeps you warm... and one of my antique sheets.  I like how the blanket is handsome and the sheet is pretty.

Another variety of coleus and a glass mushroom my mom gave me in my stocking this Christmas.  It's clipped onto a French/English pocket dictionary that was printed in London in the 40s.

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