Wednesday, February 13, 2013

hanging basket

 On Saturday I got some new plants, including this asparagus fern, which, for the moment at least, I'm enjoying hanging in a basket above my desk.   I can't say why, but I like it when a house feels a little bit under construction.  Not in an uncomfortable way, like with sheet rock dust or splintery floors... but so that it feels like the furniture and decoration hasn't been in the same place for too long, and that it could all be rearranged to suit circumstances at any given time.  I much prefer half-painted cabinetry or rough looking walls that have recently had wallpaper stripped off them to a room that is smothered in wall to wall carpeting and drapes that match the sofa.  I've also always thought it would be great to live in an inventor's house or the house of a biologist or mapmaker from a long time ago... with interesting tools and objects under study everywhere.  There shouldn't be an air of stagnancy, but one of activity and discovery, movement, flux and flow and fresh air So maybe that is why I like having this fern hanging with a length of thick upholsterer's piping.  I can almost pretend like it's on a pulley and I could hide a journal in it and reel it up every evening after writing things I don't want other household members to read.  (In which case I'd have to remember not to let anyone else water the fern).  Anyway, I may or may not leave this arrangement for long, but for now, I like it!

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