Thursday, March 21, 2013

a new dress

Although I'm up to my chin in things I need to do, I was so worn out by the things I've already done this week, I felt like I could barely keep my eyes open.  So I decided to hop on my bike and see if some sunshine and brisk air might perk me up.  My destination was the new branch of D & J Thrift.  They have so much stuff piled up in the original building that they've taken on a new one a short distance up the road, and I hadn't yet explored it.  This one is set up less like an overwhelming junk emporium, and more like a little antique shop where things have been curated a little and have room to shine, and the prices are a little higher (although thrift prices in Orange are on the rise... you can't blame junk sellers for cashing in on the current trends, right?).  Anyway, I found a new "dress" which is really a caftan... I can see how lots of people would think it hideous, but something about it (you know, the colors, the texture, the idea of the person who made it) hooked me and I knew in my gut I would regret leaving it behind more than I would regret loosing the little money it cost if I decide down the road it was a bad idea.  And, more importantly, the trip out did wake me up, and something that might be a good idea came to me along the way... will tell what this idea is in time if it does indeed bear good fruit!  Please forgive the yucky self-done photos.

And here are more daffodils, plus a ceiling-high branch of flowering quince that I salvaged last week from the yard work job... all the blooms were tightly closed last week when I cut it, and they've been popping open and brightening up my living room all week.  Is it really going to snow again?!

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