Thursday, March 28, 2013

something for a rainy day

  It was a bright, sunny morning in my apartment today.  The sun made me want to go straight out onto the balcony to see if the ground was warm enough to smell like spring.  I didn't smell spring, but the birds' song and the breeze in the wind chimes was good enough.  Then I went out to run some errands, and when I was at the bank, the teller asked me if I would like to open a savings account to put aside some money "for a rainy day."  I felt really grateful for that language.  Were those words from her heart and mind, or were they script from the corporate bank?  I guess I could've asked her that question directly, but I don't need to know.  They are wonderful either way.  Isn't the idea of putting aside money, little by little, waiting to be used on a 'rainy day' - a day you feel free and open to possibility and want to spend money on something out of the ordinary - so nice?  Not only does it give you the feeling that life can be abundant with whim and surprise, but it also makes you feel that time is available, and that accumulated time can really amount to something (other than age).  Mostly we hear things like, "you'd better have money set aside in case of a disaster" or "you can't start saving for your retirement too soon"... but to believe that your hard-earned money, slowly squirreled away little by little, might become something you could use for a special rainy day is inspiring.

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