Tuesday, March 5, 2013

will it or won't it?

we never got any snow this year, despite several sensational forecasts to the contrary.  Now, on March 5th, we have another chance!  My intellect feels a little bit wary, maybe kind of like the villagers did who lived below the hillside where the boy who was tending sheep was in the habit of crying wolf... and my gut and my heart say we really might get it this time!  Which would be perfect, I think.  I've missed the snow this year, and have been feeling reluctant to embrace Spring without at least one hearty snow.  Don't you think the emptiness and silence of Winter, and all the shades of grey and brown (and white when it snows!!) are lovely?  It really makes for an atmosphere of reflection, and I luxuriate in the time as a kind of rejuvenating hibernation to develop thoughts and ideas.  It feels appropriate to think but not act. Spring and Summer and Fall are for acting.  Winter is for thinking and planning. (If I do say so myself...hahaha I sound so bossy!)  I think I'm on the verge of being ready to go into action mode.  Just this afternoon, I ordered a new batch of Spring patterns...  and maybe tonight and tomorrow it will snow, and then before daylight savings time begins next Sunday, the snow will have melted, and I'll have wrapped up my pondering and be ready to spring into action alongside the flowers and bugs and busy, chirrupy, nest-making birds.

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